Door & Lock Reinforcement

Reinforcing your door and lock is crucial for enhancing home security as it serves as the first line of defense against potential intruders, effectively deterring break-ins and ensuring the safety of your family. 

Maximizing Your Safety: Advanced Door Security Features

GTA Door Repair Toronto can visit your business or home to ensure you have the best door security reinforcement. With security reinforcement, it will fortify the door and frame to prevent unintentional entry or repairs from forced entry damage. Review your front door to help determine what reinforcement is best for your needs today. 

Homes • Schools • Universities • Churches • Retail Businesses • Office Campuses • Government Buildings

The Complete Reinforcement Kit

Upgrade your door security with the strongest kit out there that reinforces both the frame and hinges.

Pro Door and Frame Reinforcement Kit

Budget Door Reinforcement

A simple strike plate upgrade with longer screws exponentially improves your door jamb.

Max Security Combo Strike

Home Reinforcement Lock

security door Lock adds extra security measures for your family members while you aways on business.

Door Lock Door Reinforcement Lock Security

The Best Door Security Reinforcements Toronto

GTA Door Repair Toronto provides door security reinforcement using different products as follows: 

Don-Jo Wrap-Around and Deadbolt Plates

with a door wrap, you can add extra security to your front and back doors or even help with repairs where a door is broken.

Don-Jo Wrap-Around and Deadbolt Plates

Don-Jo Deadbolt Door Edge Protector and Handle

a double-hole wrap adds security to both the deadbolt and handle.

Don-Jo Deadbolt Door Edge Protector and Handle

Speciality Door Wrap Around Edge-Guard

a mortise lock wrap adds more security to locksets and digital entry security.

Inswing Door Latch Guard

add more security to our aluminum entrance door as we have the parts to match your security needs, supporting a variety of styles.

Inswing Door Latch Guard

Outswing Door Latch Guards

Lock Guards for a storefront door to apartment doors.

Outswing Door Latch Guards and Lock Guards for a storefront door to apartment doors

Latch Guards 

Outswing Door and Electric Strike Door Latch Guards 

Outswing Door and Electric Strike Door Latch Guards 

We have a door and lock reinforcement plates for all types

These are only a few products we can provide to add security to your residential and commercial business.
Whether you need a Bolt Buddy or a Jamb Striker, we can help to fit one to your existing door.

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