Garage Door Weather Stripping

Is Your Property Ready For The Winter?

Ensuring your home is ready for the winter is essential, especially for your garage. If your garage is freezing during the winter, it might cost you more than you think. When not sealed correctly, it causes high energy bills as the heat escapes. 

GTA Door Repairs cares about you and your garage to handle the weather stripping. We have professional technicians that can prepare your whole home against harsh weather.
Whether you need us to tackle a small portion of the entire to-do list, we are available to help. 

Contact us today to have the property weather stripping done.

Garage Door Weather Stripping

Weather stripping seals gapsWhen properly installed, garage door weather stripping can provide the following energy-saving benefits:

  • Improved insulation – prevent the transfer of heat or cold
  • Reduced air leakage – prevents the exchange of air between the garage and the outdoors
  • Energy efficiency – your HVAC system can operate more efficiently
  • Enhanced comfort – helps to reduce noise, dust, and the entry of pests

Keep The Warm Air In and The Cold Air Out

With home and garage door weather stripping, you can remain cozy during winter in your home without costing you a lot. So, prevent cold air from seeping through to the house. You can expect a:

  • Expert weather stripping
  • Quality workmanship guaranteed
  • Technicians with years of experience
  • Fast, friendly, and reliable service

When you choose our garage door weather stripping, door installation, or repairs services, you get a professional that ensures everything is done right. Let’s take care of all the heavy lifting for you and tackle other door problems you have. 

Are you ready to winterize your home? Call GTA Door Repairs about our weather stripping services. 

We provide weather stripping and so much more. Whether you need a:

Our tradesmen can repair all types of wooden, metal or screen door and windows as well as door frames and sliding doors.

  • Solid wooden doors
  • Fire rated doors
  • French doors
  • Screen Patio door
  • Sliding doors
  • Interior doors
  • Garage door
  • And more..
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