Magnetic Lock Installation Toronto

Magnetic Lock Installation Toronto

Do you want convenience combined with safety for your business or home? Then, a magnetic lock installation in Toronto will be a suitable option.
These locks work with all types of interior and exterior doors, from:

  • heavy-duty doors
  • glass doors
  • single & double doors, and more. 

GTA Door Repairs can help with a magnetic lock installation if you want high security in the home or office.
You can choose a wide selection of magnetic locks to suit your budget and needs with us.

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Why Choose a Magnet Lock?

A magnetic lock is placed between door openings, making them difficult to access.
It works with electromagnetism, as the entire lock mechanism starts working when the magnets are energized.

It will bond the lock to the armature, locking the door as soon as it becomes energized.
When you want to access the door, you use a separate switch to de-energize the lock that passes through the electric power surge that activates the magnet.  

Why Choose a Magnetic Lock Installation in Toronto?

You find magnetic locks used in most commercial buildings  like:

  • Education Institutes
  • Hotels and Motels
  • State, Municipal and Government Buildings
  • Retail Establishments
  • Banks, Commercial and Office Buildings

The best part is that we at GTA Door Repairs can provide an elegant magnetic lock to complement your home or commercial building and fit in with the decor.
Our experts will install a highly secure magnetic lock, and we recommend the cherry-pick model to provide quality and security.
So, bolster up your home or workplace security today. 

Need a Magnetic Lock Repair in Toronto?

Look no further than GTA Door Repairs.
Our skilled team is ready to help fix your problematic magnetic lock.
If the problem persists, we can install a new one.
You can expect a reliable magnetic lock installation with high standards.
So, get the magnetic force to protect your family and belongings. 

Contact Us For Affordable Magnetic Lock Installations in Toronto

If you have a tight budget, call us now, and our experts will provide you with an affordable magnetic lock to suit your budget.
We charge a reasonable price for all our lock installations.
Get a reliable and trustworthy magnetic door lock installation and repair in Toronto today. 

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